All Cats are Curious – but Different –

tell me about YOURS!

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  1. Our cat, Cubbie, is a peek-a-boo kind of cat. He loves to watch things at a distance. He sits at the end corner of the house, and peeks round at you. Then, he slowly advances, nearer and nearer, using shrubbery and objects in the garden to observe things before he gets closer. He’s a wild one, and won’t let you touch him. When he’s content and wants to greet you, he sits fairly close and squints at you to show affection. If he wants something, he uses his front paw to signal, “Pay Attention!” He is very alert and uses his ears to pick up everything going on around him. He has many different moods. Usually, he’s a happy cat, but the rain puts him in a temper and he skulks off as fast as he can. Sometimes, after we have fed him, he stands squarely at the glass patio door for a few minutes until we talk to him, then he goes off. It’s his way of saying, “Goodbye, and Thank You! See you soon!”

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    1. QC AND I ARE SO PLEASED That Cubbie is alive and well – as we know he was lost for a short while. Fantastic that this wild cat has semi-adopted you.. but of course he will always be “The Cat Who Walks by Himelf”


  2. We have three cats, the two older sisters are 11 and one is very sedate while the older still runs around very gracefully. They are both very shy, although very affectionate with us now. Our third girl is six but thinks she’s a kitten still. She loves to hide and then pounce out at the other two, who usually run the other way if they spot her. She is quite clumsy so her 3am run around is pretty loud, especially if she gets too excited when she makes loud gobbling noises, just like a turkey. She doesn’t like being held and rarely wants to be petted but always run to us for a chat and a quick head rub. Oh, and she adores the smell of tobacco – it’s like catnip for her!

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